Why I Love Portable Turntables


In today’s world of music streaming and USBs, why would someone ever consider buying portable turntables? Even cassettes and CDs include new tech than record players, right? Well, you might be surprised that turntables can actually provide you with various benefits that you should consider. Here are some of them:

1. Transfer to digital format

Today there are turntables that include a USB port. This allows you to transfer all your old-school records to digital format. It’s definitely a plus if you want to enjoy the tunes on a media player, smartphone, and so on. There’s no need to toss out all your LPs because you can now enjoy them through modern platforms. You can basically back up all your records using the USB port. Besides that, even though the turntable is portable it’s not always practical to take it with you everywhere you go. On the other hand, by transferring the music to a digital format you can definitely make your music portable by transferring it to a USB.

2. Upgradable sounds

Another key benefit of record players is that you keep adding equipment to improve the sound of the device. For example, you can choose a phonograph cartridge that has a certain stylus shape in order to get more music from the LP’s grooves. Another option is to get a new stylus on your current cartridge. You can also buy a pre-amp that has vacuum tubes. Another option is to actually upgrade the entire turntable. There are so many ways you can improve the sound that you get out of your LP.

3. Price of records

You can find tons of new and used albums, which will have a fraction of the cost of other media such as CDs. This isn’t to say that you should only consider LPs due to the lower cost. However, it’s definitely one of the key benefits. It’s definitely a plus if you want to save money on your music-listening experience.

4. Album art

Another key benefit of records is that you can really enjoy the album art on the album covers. For example, consider the size of the art on other media including CDs and iPod devices. Sometimes you can even find a poster included with the album, and other items such as album liners, so there are several ways you can enjoy great art by purchasing albums. There’s something organic about the album art compared to modern media such as CDs and portable media players.

5. Wide selection of music

This is another key benefit of owning a portable turntable. It’s an inexpensive and fun way to collect music and expand your music collection. During the past 6 decades or so there’s been a ton of music produced on records. You can find them at various types of stores including thrift stores and other types of retailers. You can find records at Best Buy and many online stores as well. It’s quite ironic considering that digital music and music streaming has become so popular in recent times. However, the bottom line is that you won’t have any problems finding records for your portable turntable, and won’t have to spend much money.

6. Retro factor

This is definitely one of the main benefits of playing music on a turntable. There’s something cool and fun about putting the vinyl record on a platter, putting the needle on the disc, then watching it spin around. It produces almost a magical experience as the music fills up the room and helps the listener to enjoy tunes from just about any genre. It’s definitely a great experience and one that take people back to another time and place, even it was before their time.

7. Natural sound quality

There’s a lot of debate about why many people prefer the unique sound provided by turntables compared to CDs and digital music. However, some people prefer the warm and natural sound that vinyl records produce. Perhaps it will never be clear why many people like the sound produced by record players compared to digital music and other media. However, many audiophiles argue that there’s simply no comparison with the sound quality produced by record players compared to other sources. This is definitely an important issue to consider when comparing turntables with other devices.

What To Look For In A Perfect Waist Trainer

indexBefore, I had a body that is far from being attractive. There were huge budges on my tummy area and ugly love handles. I am just not happy especially when I am part of the marketing team. I need to always look good and presentable. I know that my body is not what I am selling but of course I have to always look presentable and part of that is wearing dresses that are nice and shows a bit of skin.

Unfortunately nice dresses do not fit me really well, instead of making me look nice, I actually look a bit off. Of course we usually wear office outfits and dress up like professionals, and it just looks awkward if what I am wearing shows my big tummy.

I just love to look at mannequins and wear what they currently wear but obviously it looks good at them but not for me. I envy their hourglass shape waist and flat tummies. I tried to search online on what I could do to achieve that perfect body and I am so glad I found waist trainers here. They provide me nothing but the flat tummy and perfectly shaped waist I have been wishing and dreaming of having for a very long time.

It was just so amazing that there are a lot of great designs you could choose from.

Different Options Of Waist Trainers

There are a lot of waist trainers that you could check out in the market today, and there are different options that you could choose from.

Design and Colors – You could choose from different designs and colors. There are some that you could wear and make it a part of your outfit. It could come in different prints and colors that will perfectly blend with your outfit of the day.

There are designs that could be braless or it could go with a body short or thong. You can also choose those that have thin straps.

Make or materials used – materials used to make your corset may be latex or non latex. The decision is yours. Just make sure the make will perfectly suit your desire and comfort.

Price – the price varies greatly. There are more expensive corsets that offer many functionalities and styles and there are simpler ones that are obviously a lot cheaper. Make sure that whatever it is you choose it would be the piece that would perfectly match your budget. I got mine at a cheaper rate first but after saving money I got a piece that looks a lot better and make that is perfect to work on my skin.

I am just happy that after waist training has been introduced in the market, they do not stop producing and making better and greater corsets. I am just so happy that I have wider and better options now. Now, I am saving money again to get a new piece which I could use. This has been a great help for me and honestly my sales increased big time. Marketing our product while flaunting my beautiful body is just a great match indeed.

Relieving My Stress With Rocking Chairs

2593619970_d9bcecda7c_oI belong to the people who still believe in the magic of rocking chairs. It’s a very easy way to relieve my stress and get instant relaxation whenever I feel the need to. Rocking chairs have been in this world since 1700s and they have improved a lot through the years. Despite its improvement, it still does not lose its ability to calm down the person seating on it even pregnant women and crying babies.

There’s no doubt about rocking chairs being able to hit sales up to this time because these furniture are just applicable for anyone at anytime, and anywhere. Say for instance, I can just seat on it while watching TV, reading my favorite book, or knitting a sweater. It definitely is a perfect match to any activities I do.

Because I feel really exhausted after today’s work, I decided to seat on my rocking chair for a bit of relaxation. As I sit there, the chair has relieved my stress and tiredness. Most of the time, I just sit on my rocking chair for about an hour and then I almost fell asleep without me knowing it. Aside from sleeping and resting, I can also read my book on the chair which is actually my favorite thing to do.

Choosing The Perfect Rocking Chair

If you want to experience the same relaxation I am getting from my rocking chair, then go ahead and have one for yourself. There are just some tips I’d like to share to help you choose the right rocker.

Rocker size – Checking the size of the rocker is not done by measuring it. You have to sit on it and your legs must dangle off the floor. In this way, you can swing your feet above the ground. Make it sure that the seat size is big enough for you. You have to feel the comfort while sitting on it.

The rockers – The rocker is no other than the curved base swinging under the chair. Make sure that the rockers are properly pitched. Test this by sitting on the chair, swinging it to and fro; if you felt like you’re about to stumble, then the rockers are not well pitched. You should feel all the comfort while rocking the chair.

The motion – Choose a rocker that moves smoothly on a continuous motion. It should not feel like you have to push the chair from time to time.

The comfort – To assure that the rocking chair feels 100% comfortable, out your hands to the armrests while leaning at your lower back. The chair should have a nice downward slope that can support your back comfortably.

The safety – the perfect rocking chair is not only comfortable but is also safe. If you have children at home, then look for a chair with gliders instead of curved base. Gliders are safer because they do can’t crush the feet.

These are just few tips to consider if you too are planning to have your own rocking chair at home. As for me, the rocking chair is definitely worth every penny because of the comfort it gives me. Rocking chairs have stood the test of time when it comes to easing people’s stress and there’s no reason for me to doubt it. This rocking chair of mine is definitely for keeps.

I am no expert, I’d advice you to visit BestRockingChairs.net in order to learn more about rocking chairs! Most of the information I have acquired come from there to be honest. I hope you have a nice day! 🙂

When should I replace my toilet seat?

Recently, I am planning to do a bathroom makeover to give it a fresh look. There are also some fixtures and accessories that need replacement because they have already been worn out through time. The items that can be easily replaced are the faucet, towel rail, shower head, and of course the toilet seat.
Changing the toilet seat immediately brings a fresh look to the bathroom. Most people prefer toilet seats that are matching with the entire bathroom’s color scheme and design. With today’s innovation in design, toilet seats can immediately add beauty and can even be customized for a state-of-the-art design. Plus, toilet seats are now widely available to stores and online shops. One can just walk-in at the store or browse the internet for shopping toilet seats.

wc-265278_1920Why To Replace Your Toilet Seat

Aside from adding new look to my bathroom, there are still other reasons as to why I had to replace my toilet seat. I know that there should be considerations to be made first before finally deciding to buy one. Here are reasons to consider when you think you need to replace your toilet seat:

  • The toilet seat is already worn out.
  • If it does not match the shape and size of your toilet bowl.
  • It slams and pinches your finger when it closes.
  • The material used is not good whether it is plastic or wood.
  • It does not feel comfortable to seat on.
  • It takes a lot of effort to clean the seat.
  • If the lid is damaged or cannot cover the entire seat well.
  • Material is not durable.

These are few pointers I have taken down before I actually decided to replace my toilet seat. As of now, I am glad that I have made the right decision to replace it because it guarantees safety and comfort of use.

Remember to measure your toilet seat before buying one so that you get the correct size, it will be irritating if the toilet seat is smaller or bigger than the actual toilet. The seat will get unstable and you will just always have that irritation that you didn’t do enough research before jumping into it! I promise you, been there – done that!

Removing Bolts From Your Old Toilet Seat

Replacing your old toilet seat with the new one can easily be done in just two minutes. All you have to do is to set the seat into its proper place and start tightening the nuts. However, removing the old toilet seat can be a bit difficult especially if the bolts won’t come off. These bolts are often times so corroded that unscrewing them becomes difficult. Here’s a quick guide on how to solve this problem of unscrewing the bolts:

You can apply a lubricant to help free the nuts. Allow it to penetrate the nuts for at least 15 minutes before you unscrew. If the lubricant option didn’t work, then use a drill. Use the drill to enlarge the hole. An enlarged hole will weaken the bolt. For metal bolts, use pliers to unscrew the nuts.
You can also use a socket wrench with a deep-well socket. Use this to turn the nuts on a counterclockwise direction
You see, removing bolts from an old toilet seat is a necessity when you are planning to replace it with a new one.